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Article Code - 61-0006
Winter Rug in Blue Self lined canvas, with two cross surcingles, with two breast straps, canvass 14 Oz.
Article Code - 61-0005
Winter Rug with full blanket lining, without piping, with two cross surcingles, two breast straps, with fleece on the front and back portion.
Article Code - 61-0004
New Zealand Rug with high quality acrylic blanket lining, 8mm foam, two cross surcingles and two leather breast straps, canvas 16 Oz.
Article Code - 61-0003
Black New Zealand Rug with half blanket lining, two leg straps and two breast straps, with kit-kat buckles, Canvass 16 Oz.
Article Code - 61-0002
New Zealand Rug half blanket with straight surcingles, two leg straps and two breast straps, made from canvass 13 Oz.
Article Code - 61-0001
New Zealand Rug with two breast straps, with one straight surcingle.
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