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Article Code - 31-0092
Leather Halted with Mink Padding on NB, Cheek Piece and on HP
Article Code - 31-0091
Halter Bridle with crystal on Padded BB
Article Code - 31-0090
Leather Halter with crystal ripit on NB and Cheekpieces, Shaped and Padded HP
Article Code - 31-0089
Leather Halter with moonrock crystal on NB and cheekpeices, padded HP and NB
Article Code - 31-0088
Leather Halter with crystal inlaid on NB and cheek pieces shaped HP
Article Code - 31-0087
Leather Halter with rose gold plated fitting
Article Code - 31-0086
Leather Halter with Braiding on Cheek Pieces and NB
Article Code - 31-0085
Halter bridle combo with shaped BB with crystal
Article Code - 31-0071
Leather Halted with shaped HP and decoration on NB and cheeks